sfz Creative provides training to increase innovation and enhance leadership.  Our methods are designed for simultaneous development on multiple levels — training individuals and teams simultaneously, and developing skills and culture simultaneously.  Our methods are uniquely suited to expose participants to their cognitive processing so that they can have agency over it.

We use the practice of improvisation to create uniquely immersive experiential learning programs in which participants not only learn ideas, but get to analyze and practice behaviors in real-time. The result is a truly distinctive brand of training that is not only highly effective, but also engaging, fun, novel, and personally relevant.

In addition to working with multinational corporations, graduate and undergraduate universities across the United States, and public school systems, members of sfz Creative are currently involved as part of the national faculty for the Art of Science Learning, a National Science Foundation arts-based learning initiative.

Our team is made up of management experts, business leaders, and artists.  Members of sfz Creative have served on the faculties of NYU, Towson University, UMBC and Loyola University of Maryland, and have served on advisory boards, as Vice Presidents of national and international companies, and as senior partners of international companies.  We pride ourselves on our engaging, in-depth presentations that transliterate our artistic processes into usable skill for a variety of fields.

Our understanding of creativity, innovation, and management is the result of both a wealth of past experience as well as continuing process of discovery and refinement. This means both building a knowledge-base around theories of organizations and creativity, as well as an on-going engagement in artistic practice and performance. Be sure to take a look at our blog for any online resources we found particularly inspiring.

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